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BTE Invisible Hearing Aids

BTE Invisible Hearing Aids

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Do you struggle to hear conversations in noisy environments?

Do you wish you could enjoy your favorite music or TV shows without turning up the volume?

If so, you might benefit from BTE Invisible Hearing Aids. These are the most advanced and discreet hearing aids on the market. They are designed to fit behind your ear, so no one will notice them. They also have a powerful sound processor that adapts to your listening environment and enhances the sounds you want to hear.

BTE Invisible Hearing Aids are easy to use and comfortable to wear. You can control them with a simple app on your smartphone or tablet. You can also recharge them with a wireless charger, so you don’t have to worry about batteries. BTE Invisible Hearing Aids can improve your hearing and your quality of life. Don’t miss out on the sounds that matter to you.

Order yours today and get BTE Invisible Hearing Aids: Hear better, live better!

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"Better Than My Old $4000 Hearing Aids!"

"After breaking my pair of $4000 hearing aids, I decided to try these and I'm so happy I did. I have no idea how, but the sound quality is actually better with the hearing co! My wife tried them out and loved them as well. Just got my second pair. Thank you so much" - Steven T.

Extremely Easy To Use

Every single part of our hearing aids were specifically designed to be extremely easy to use, even with shaky hands.

The combined On/Off & listening mode switch is easily accessable at the back of each hearing aid with ergonomically shaped switch.

At the top of each hearing aid you'll find an easily accessible dial to adjust the amount of hearing support you get. Which can easily be adjusted up to 80 dB in seconds by sliding your finger across it.

Hear Clearly Everywhere You Go

Our hearing aids help you hear clearly in all situations, without any feedback (whistling, squealing, etc.)

One-On-One Conversations

One-On-One Conversations

You'll be able to carry conversations without having to strain or constantly ask the other person to repeat themselves. Muffled voices will become crystal clear.

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Watching TV

You'll be able to lower the volume by at least half and even say goodbye to subtitles for good! Music, voices & more will sound clear without any feedback.

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Group Conversations

Even with multiple voices & tones, our adjustable listening modes make sure you'll be able to enjoy crystal clear conversations with your friends & family.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews

The hearing aids are a little larger than I would like and I don't care for the charging method, but, for the price and other benefits that is acceptable. I bought these for my wife who has dementia. My own, expensive hearing aids were not working properly the day these arrived in the mail so I used them for a couple of days until I could get my hearing aids working again. I was surprised and pleased at how well I could hear with them. Not sure my wife will use them, but if I need to use them as a substitute for my hearing aids, they will be worth the money.

Daryl C.

Just started wearing today, so far so good. Only comment is that they are larger than the Audien ones that I have. Positive is that yours will work in either ear.


Any time that you purchase a product you can have a small problem. It’s how you handle the small problem is what counts and the people at this company Have Bent Over Backwards to help me.


Arrived, on time and as specified in the ad/ Still getting use to them. I do like the fit. They do seem to amplify a lot of the background noise, but I understand it takes awhile to filter that out.
The batteries do last a long time. I'm still at the stage where I'm wearing them for a couple of hours each day.
Hopefully, I will get used to them in time. If they hold up, Iwill consider this a good buy.


It didn’t take long for me to get used to them. The difference in adjusting the volume on the tv is huge. From 67 to 22. Easy to adjust comfortable to wear. Excellent pricing. Great value. I’m very happy with them.


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  • Cooper Donnelly - New York

    They fit very well and are of good quality, it is worth the purchase but wide so that it arrives quickly

  • Kenton Batz - California

    Great product, good size, elastic holds very soft and warm, very comfortable delivered quickly

  • Elian Abernathy - Florida

    All recommendations for the store, new products are always arriving, fast delivery, quick response from customer support

  • Ena Fisher